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Putrajaya Youth Festival 2013

23-26 May 2013

Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia (WSFFM) was once again invited to take part in

Putrajaya Youth Festival 2013.

This annual event organised by ‘Kementerian Belia dan Sukan’ (Ministry of Youth and Sports) was held in

Putrajaya from Thursday 23 to Sunday 26th May 2013.


This is Malaysia’s largest youth gathering and is celebrated in conjunction with the  National Youth Day.

More than 1 million visitors participated over the 4 days of fun and activities.

WSFFM ‘s contribution was a S2Ston (Stick2stix™  aerobic marathon) held on Saturday, 25

which attracted 50 youthful participants.  It was a 2 hour long non-stop Stick2stix™ aerobic workout

led by our 9 Stick2stix™ aerobic instructors leading the participants through an energetic, vigorous and

pulsating aerobic exercise.


The workout involved a 10 to 15 minutes section of the following exercises.


1. Warming up – Aishah

2. Stretching – Ramlah

3. Combo 1- Ralph and Anna

4. Fun time- Redza

5. Combo 2 – Azie

6. Conditioning  (muscle training) – Yazid

7. Balancing- Adasandha

8. Cooling down – Adasandha

Participants were rated by our in-house panel of judges and the winners were as follows:


1. Best 2 male dancers –Mohd Yusman and Mohd Sharizat

2. Best 2 female dancers – Nurul Ziana and Rohaini Binti Rahmat

3. Best Sports Attire (male ) – Ikmal Hisham

4. Best Sports Attire ( female)- Betti Badariah


Our Secretary-General, Puan Hafidzah Abu Zainal presented the prizes to conclude the event.

All prizes were contributed by WSFFM.


Kee Poh Siew

(Exco for WSFFM)

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