WSFFM is an organization devoted towards the empowerment of women through sports and fitness. The Foundation has pursued this goal from 1995 along with our humble quest to enlighten women on the significance of sports and fitness as a national agenda.



The WSFFM is the first non-governmental organization (NGO) in Malaysia to be affiliated with the National Council of Women’s Organization (NCWO).

The various strategies deployed by the Foundation to acquire a unified synergy among women have indeed made a difference mainly through the solidarity achieved.  The membership drive campaign, which serves as a true testimony of women solidarity has acquired thousands of members and the number keeps increasing rapidly. Women from all walks of life have been able to cohesively enhance their knowledge and significance through this well managed membership program.  The deployment of the program is being enhanced further through an electronic portal, whereby members of the Foundation are able to acquire and disseminate information, discuss and forward their views through a forum, read the weekly newsletter, register on-line and many other attractive features.

In addition to the vision of synergizing the thoughts and strength of women, the Foundation has been conducting a wide spectrum of projects ranging from sports for all to fitness and high performance sports. In 2005, the Foundation organized jointly with the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS), the National Sports Council (NSC) and the National Sports Associations (NSA) the first National Women’s Games (NWG). The Games were participated by nine sports which were aquatics, athletics, badminton, bowling, football, gymnastics, hockey, squash and netball. A total of 15 states participated in the Games encompassing a total of 3,000 athletes and officials.

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The Royal Malaysian Police and Armed Forces were also members of these Games. The Games became a platform whereby budding talents and sporting heroines were discovered through competition. The women and girls had the opportunity to foster strong ties among their counterparts. The Games provided an open platform assuring girls and women that there is a transparent and open talent identification system within the nation’s sporting mechanism.  The Games had a significant magnitude in its role and its impact in giving a voice to women and received international recognition when it was published in the Commonwealth Sports Ministers Report in 2006.

In addition to these projects the Foundation has organized women’s coaching convention with eminent international speakers, 4×4 Woman Challenge, Power Walk Series, Young Woman’s Health Seminar, annual Aerobics Convention and the annual National Aerofit Challenge. In the year 2006, the Foundation has a series of projects which are intended to widen the horizons of sport and fitness in women empowerment. Among which are:

The Aerofit Challenge – encompassing teams- of 3-5 members competing to emerge as the masters of fitness skill blended with art

National and International Women and Sports and Fitness Convention –  which  involve both local and international participants and speaker

Community  Projects –  involving joint ventures with other NGOs to allow hybrid projects involving the community and the Foundation

Recreational and Outdoor Programs – programs encompassing white-water rafting, rope courses and certifications and 4×4 mild-to-wild challenges

Participation in local and International Conventions as paper and poster presenters. 

As an effort to ensure a holistic approach towards the development of women in sports, the WSFFM simultaneously conducts Research and Development activities such as course and seminars. The Foundation strives at continuing its sincere efforts to empower women, foster friendships, to achieve peace and solidarity among the community through sports.