Gibbons Rehabilitation Centre

WSFFM had an outing to the gibbon sanctuary situated in Pahang – 9th September 2019. Ms Mariani Ramli fondly known as Bam by her friends is the dedicated caretaker for the rescued gibbons.There are 6 of them under her care. The gibbons will stay with her for 5 years to...

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SAB20/30 Coach Training Workshop

SAB20/30 coach training workshop was attended by 28 participants. Puan Sri Sabrina was the head instructor assisted by Datin Rosmawati, Zarinah, Wahab and Ushdi. The aim of this workshop was to train and motivate the present SAB20/30 participants to lead, guide and instruct part 1 and part 2 of SAB20/30...

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SAB20/30 Workshop – 7th September 2019

WSFFM will hold an SAB20/30 workshop on the 7th September 2019. This workshop provides a way to create an intensive exercise experience and proper coaching guidelines to teach SAB20/30 and you also get coaching to improve your skills. Participants get a chance to try out a balance exercise that is...

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14th July 2019

Together with PEKA Malaysia March to the Parliament to Hand-Over Memorandum to Amend The Forestry Act 1984 and Special Provision to the Federal Constitution on 18th July 2019, Thursday 8.30am. PLEASE COME AND JOIN US ON THE 18TH JULAY 8.30AM AT PADANG MERBOK KL.

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