Greetings Friends & Readers,


Women’s Sports & Fitness Foundation Malaysia or better known as WSFFM was established in 1995. Since its inception 25 years ago, WSFFM have undergone many changes in its management and activities that is inline with the current changes. WSFFM was founded with the vision to encourage and advocate healthy lifestyle of sports and fitness in women irrespective of age and career. We still maintain this vision now, as we feel that it is still relevant in current time.


I am very pleased that during these 25 years, WSFFM has conducted various activities in fitness, sports and programs that encouraged healthy lifestyle among Malaysians especially the women. Now, in line with the current changes, especially in this time of technology and information being at the fingertips, WSFFM not only focus on activities for women but also encourage men to participate in our activities. We are proud to share that in line with our new mission, WSFFM’s family have equal numbers of women and men with men holding its key positions such as executive secretary, treasurer and auditors. With these reforms, we hope to open WSFFM to all Malaysian regardless of gender. This is consistent with the missions of WSFFM to encourage Malaysian to always stay positive, active and healthy through sports and fitness.


Consistent with the previous years, from 2016 onwards, WSFFM are designing sportsmanship programs for both women and men. We will also be working with various parties such as governments, NGOs and private sectors in organizing a variety of sports and fitness programs. Some of the parties we are working currently and planning to work with are Ministry of Youth & Sports Malaysia, Pahang Tourism Department, PEKA Malaysia (Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam Malaysia), Persatuan Pengusaha Pelancongan Pahang and others.


I am very confident that WSFFM members will continue to grow over time based on the support and interests we have received so far. We are pleased to announce that since its establishment, more than 8,000 members have joined WSFFM and its activities. Success after success achieved by WSFFM is an inspiration to all of the excos and myself to continue the momentum of achieving the vision and objectives of the organization.


Lastly, I urge and encourage everyone, regardless of gender, age, career and background to have a healthy lifestyle of mental and physical fitness. It is through fitness and sports we not only look healthy on the outside but also maintain a healthy and positive mind so that our lives can be more meaningful not only to ourselves but also inspiring others around us. I hope all of you, men and women, will continue to support and participate in all of WSFFM programs.


My excos and I are always open to your views and suggestions about WSFFM to ensure of its success now and in the future.


“Be A Sports, Life Gets Better”