6th Exco meeting for 2019

We had our 6th Exco meeting for this year at Tanah Aina Cafe on 14th June 2019. Two new exco members have joined us. They are Encik Ramlie and Encik Wahab. Welcome to WSFFM family. We had Encik Akmal, sports lecturer at University Malaya to brief us on the ‘Netball...

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pss birthday 2019

Happy Birthday Puan Sri Sabrina

To our dearest president Puan Sri Sabrina on her birthday, may you always be healthy, happy, strong and full of energy to protect our natural surroundings. You always light up the life of others so unselfishly. Happy Birthday!

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BIZZ award 2019

Congratulations Puan Sri Sabrina on your BIZZ award received from Amsterdam. Another feather in the cap for your eco-friendly chain of Tanah Aina resorts.    

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