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When one speaks of chess, most of us will think that chess is just another indoor game. But, the truth is that chess is more than that. Chess is not just a game, it also a sport being played all over world! And the fun part is that, chess is be played by all in one family and everywhere, whether at the park, picnic or at any coffee shops!
Chess is one of the oldest sports played, written records in 600AD mentioned that chess were first played in India , created by an Indian philosopher that named the game “Chaturanga”- army game. In those days in a battle between 2 armies, with the death or capture of the King the battle was over. This is very unique idea for a game where a whole array of soldiers, ministers, bishops, horses (knights) and chariots (rooks) combine their power to both defend by alternative moves on the part of 2 players. In those days they did not use a chequered board, just a plain square board. The chequered board was a much later modification.

From India chess spread all over the world. It spread west to Persia ( Iran ), to middle East and throught Spain to Europe . It spread northwards via Kashmir to China , Korea , and Japan where it took different forms but with the same principle. Eastwards it spread to the Malay Archipelago and with the coming of Islam, a period in history of civilizations, prosperity and knowledge, chess found fertile ground to grow. This was a period or renaissance for chess. During this period chess was enhanced by the recording of moves, chess problems, of course with the muslim prohibiton of graven images and forms, chess pieces began to take more aesthetic forms without images of people or animals.

During this time there were many famous women chess players, among them 3 sisters Safia, Aisha, and Zubaida the 3 grand daughters of Hisham, the first 3 of the great army of women chess players.

With the coming of chess to Europe , chess began to become more and more European game. Arounds 1475, a piece called “minister”were later change to “Queen”(because it is believed that Queen influenced a King’s in ruling better than the King’s Ministers!) Also the castling rule an en-passant rule were incorporated. After this period we see the coming of the great European Masters.


In Malaysia itself during the 70s where Malaysian Chess Federation was founded we saw the games of chess enthusiasm throughout the state. Where chess is being played by all group of people as oldest as above 80 years old, and as young as 5 years old. The famous are Malaysian Chess Federation President and real estate millionaire, Dato’ Tan Chin Nam , and Malaysia’s youngest International.
Master title holder Mas Hafizulhilmi Agus Abdul Rahman. Not just that, it is played harmoniously between all races not just in Malaysia but all over the world. The chess Olympiad that being held once in every two years holds a record of more than 120 nation participating!

Chess is the only game where women and men can play as equally and the only game where men lose mostly to women. For the first time chess is included in Sukan Wanita Kebangsaan (The Sports For Women that being organized once in every two years). There will be two types of chess that will be contested. One is called Standard Chess, which hold a time control of 90min + 10sec increment per person will be held at Kompleks Sukan Bukit Jalil from 28th May 2007- 1st June 2007 and another one is called Rapid Chess which hold a time control of 30min per person will be held at Pusat Sains Negara from 3rd June 2007- 5th June 2007.

What is standard chess? Standard chess what most people called Classical Chess. This tournament is usually being rated and where players get the chance to collect their norm for chess master title, i.e Grend Master (GM), International Master (IM), and National Women Master (NWM). This type of game is commonly played during International tournament including SEA Games, Asian Games, Chess Olympaids, or World Chess because it involves a lot thinking and strategies as it takes longer time to finish, not to mention you have to be very patient when playing and cautious not to fall to sleep while playing!.

While Rapid Chess is a short game that is enjoyed by most people as it short time. It is played everywhere in Malaysia and enjoyed by most youngsters. The reason is because, the young ones can think fast as they enjoy fast game. This type of game is being accepted worldwide and being included tournaments held in many countries ( Malaysia holds Merdeka Rapid Chess Championship annually in conjunction with merdeka celebration, and invites other nations to participate in the big event). This game involves quick thinking and fast played because time is running short! Not to mention the noise make by banging of chess clocks and chess pieces and chaotic moments!

For Sukan Wanita Kebangsaan, participants for both events are overwhelming. For Standard Chess, 200 participants will take part in the even, as for Rapid Chess more than 400 people agreed to play.This will be an interesting competition because, for the first time all chess female players will get the chance to gather around in such a big event specially made for them! It not about winning or losing but all about all the ladies chess players gathering in a big group. Players from all over states representing the state or contesting on their own tickets will be paired together and play as a family of chess.

International Chess Federation (FIDE) motto, “gens una sumus” means that “we are a family” fit to describe this coming event. The ladies are playing for their moments in life among ladies, and for ladies. All spectators’ men or women are invited to come and give support to all the ladies. Come and cheer us! Give support to your mom, sister, or your wife! All in the family.

Vice Presiden
Malaysia Chess Federation

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