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Women’s Fitness Boot Camp 2015

1st “Women’s Fitness Boot Camp 2015″ organised by Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Negeri Selangor (JBS) in collaboration with WSFFM. This event was held at the ladies’ fitness centre in Tanah Aina Cafe. It started at 8.00am and ended at 5.00pm.

The objective of this program is to encourage women to come out and exercise and to incorporate exercise as part of their daily routine. This will also lead to a more healthy lifestyle.

Being active will also help to ward off diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. By including healthy eating into the program, JBS hopes that this will create more awareness of how important it is to eat well balanced and nutritious meals.

Our Madam President, Puan Sri To’ Puan Datuk Shariffa Sabrina thanked all the participants who made the effort to come out on a Sunday to attend this boot camp.

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