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Fitness Drummin’ Workshop

Fitness Drummin’ Championship workshop held on the 17th September 2022 and 16th October 2022 at Tanah Aina Studio, Shah Alam. These workshops were free for those participating in our Fitness Drummin’ Championship competition on 15th November 2022. Facilitators for this event were Adilla and Yazid. Yazid repeated on code of...

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Car Free Sunday by MBSA

Car free Sunday 16th October 2022 at Dataran Kemerdekaan, Shah Alam. WSFFM was invited to perform the morning exercise with SAB20/30. Datin Ros and Zarinah were on stage to lead the audience.

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Seniors Festival

Inaugural Seniors Festival held at Atria Shopping Mall from 30th September – 2 October 2022. WSFFM was invited to perform Fitness Drummin’ at 3.30pm on the first day . 2 teams, a young and a senior team went on stage Team leader was the very multi talented Adilla. She ended...

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Malaysia Day 2022 B

Happy Malaysia Day

16th September is Malaysia Day. it marks the establishment of the Malaysian Federation which consisted of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore. WSFFM wishes all our friends and fellow Malaysians ,’Happy Malaysian Day’.

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Fitness Drummin’ at Seri Cempaka International School

WSFFM brings Fitness Drummin’ to Seri Cempaka International School, Cheras, 23rd August 2022 from 9am – 11.30 am. Fitness Drummin’ is the brainchild of our president Puan Sri To’ Puan Datuk Dr Shariffa Sabrina. This very unique aerobic workout uses the ‘kompang’. The very talented Adilla and Nana led the...

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Car Free Sunday in Shah Alam

MBSA’s  Car Free Sunday was held on 14th August 2022 at Dataran Kemerdekaan, Shah Alam. WSFFM was on main stage with SAB 20/30 part 2 led by Tuan Zainal Alam who was assisted by Puan Azimah,. Both are coaches for SAB 20/30. SAB 20/30 also served as a cooling down...

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Fitness Drummin’ Workshop at UKM, Bangi

FITNESS ROUTINE WITH FITNESS DRUMMIN’ organized by sports club of UKM ( Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) in Bangi. Adilla led the exercise. Before the warming up session she introduced Fitness Drummin’,  its benefits and demonstrated some key features of Fitness Drummin’. A certificate was awarded to every participants    

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Car Free Sunday Shah Alam

MBSA Car Free Day on 17/7/22 at Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam. WSFFM presented 2 exercise routines, SAB 20/30 Part 1 led by Abdul Aziz Maskam and Stick2Stix led by Adilla. It was a bright and wonderful morning. 50 participants took part. There were also supportive and enthusiastic members from WSFFM’s...

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