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WSFFM 4×4 Challenge

27TH – 29TH APRIL 2012
Well done Ladies. The recently-concluded WSFFM 6th outdoor recreation challenge for those
who love the outdoors was a blast. There was no holding-back for the gutsy and the adventurous
ladies who stepped into their “battle gear” and rumbled in their 4×4 machines.
It took sheer guts and passion as these ladies who braved the off-road hazards, the dirt tracks,
swift-flowing river to finish the course. Apart from the fun, this adventure was very educational
for the ladies, schooling them on the technical make-up of the 4×4 vehicle, on safety, off-road
driving techniques, and more importantly safety when driving and during rescue.
Part of the course was at night, through a swift flowing river and drive through rugged, muddy
and slippery terrains.
They also learnt about ‘tubing’ where an individual rides on or sits on an inflatable tube,
normally a free-floating tyre tube conveyed by the current of the river. ‘Tubers’ paddled with
their hands. They were given appropriate safety gear such as life vests and advised to wear
protective water shoes.
To warm up for the day’s grueling activities, there were Stick2stix aerobics exercises in the
mornings before breakfast.
All our guides, ‘pilots’ and marshals were very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and
The whole exercise, apart from its physical attributes, also showed participants a side of
them they didn’t know existed. As they discovered their courage they found new confidence
in themselves. Not to mention, of course, the positive interaction and team building with
Prizes were given to the 3 best teams that scored the highest marks. The 1 st prize took
home RM1,500 and a hamper each. 2nd prize was RM1,000 and a hamper each and the 3rd
prize , RM500 and a hamper each. The prize money was sponsored by Mr Tan Boo Lai and
Puan Sheeda. All the hampers were sponsored by Puan Sri Shariffa Sabrina, President of
WSFFM and Tanah Aina Sdn Bhd. All participants received a certificate for participating in
the 4×4 outdoor challenge.
**Next Year’s event will be ‘Women Eco-Challenge 2013’ at Tanah Aina, Bentong, Pahang.
Kee Poh Siew
1st May 2012
Pictures as per the below, and video can be viewed here;
ulu1 ulu2 ulu3 ulu4 ulu5 ulu6 ulu7 ulu8 ulu9

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